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Willey New Park


Willey New Park was created from the enclosure of the former royal forest of Shirlett. It was impaled, and contained deer and stocked fishponds. The eastern part of the park was eventually incorporated into the grounds of Willey Hall.

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In 1625 the former royal forest of Shirlett was enclosed, and John Weld of Willey was allotted 410 acres in the eastern part of Barrow parish. Between 1625 and 1635 he impaled it and proceeded to introduce deer, as well as create and stock fishponds. In 1631 there was also a plan to plough and flood parts of the land, in order to improve the quality of the meadow and coppice grounds. From the beginning the park was bothered by thieves. In 1636, Edward Hayward was accused of stealing holly bushes (probably for animal feed) from the park and the pale.

In 1710 or 1711, some of the parkland was used to create a farm. By the early 19th century, the eastern third of the park was incorporated into the grounds of Willey Hall, which lay to the north.

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  • Park Pale
  • Description: John Weld impaled the park between 1625 and 1635.
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  • Fishpond
  • Description: Between 1625 and 1635 John Weld had fishponds dug and stocked.
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