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The Cemetery, Peterborough (also known as The Peterborough Cemetery, Broadway Cemetery)


Features of The Peterborough Cemetery include paths, walks, lawns and a wide range of specimen trees.

The cemetery was laid out on a series of rectangular spaces connected by a central broad road from the two lodges on the eastern boundary. This separated the consecrated from the non-Conformist portions, and either side of this road two chapels were built—a Church of England Mortuary Chapel and a Non-Conformist Mortuary Chapel. These were joined by an arch over the road which was surmounted by a spire. The burial areas are divided by walks planted with a wide range of trees—limes, yews, hollies, evergreen oaks, weeping ash, Monterey pine and sycamores. The gravestones are on raised plots along the western boundary. Sadly, the chapels were demolished in 1960.

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This site is a cemetery. Please visit the website for more information regarding opening times and visiting hours.


This cemetery is closed to new burials. It has been a county wildlife site since 1990 and contains approximately 150 species of flowers and plants.


Victorian (1837-1901)

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Victorian (1837-1901)



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