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The Abbey, Coggeshall

The Abbey was founded in 1142 on land given by King Stephen and his wife Matilda. The recently restored Abbot’s stew pond, in which a local vicar was caught fishing and subsequently gaoled in 1293, was a feature when Edward II held court here in 1325. The Abbey showcases exceptional medieval brickwork. The tour includes the abbot’s house, chapel, cloister, recently restored 12th-century guest house, riverside courtyard and parts of the Tudor house, circa 1581, built around the ruins of the abbey. Visitors view the great chamber, garderobe, guest bedroom and two interesting four-poster beds on the first floor, and the great hall, dining room and kitchen on the ground floor. The Abbey was recently shortlisted by Historic Houses and Sotheby's for their Restoration Award in 2014.
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