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St Mary the Virgin Churchyard, Chessington (also known as Chessington Parish Church)7455

Brief Description

The churchyard has gravestones among grass, and is hedged to the road, with a gate and overthrow erected in memory of Gertrude Field in 1980. Trees include a number of large evergreens and two yews. In the mid-19th century access to the church was via footpaths and lanes, but it is now surrounded by a 20th-century housing estate.


St Mary the Virgin was the medieval church of the village of Chessington, although there may have been an earlier church on the site. Parts of the current building date from the 13th century, with later additions and restoration taking place in ensuring centuries.

Visitor Facilities

Opening is unrestricted.
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Opening is unrestricted.


Rail: Chessington South/Chessington North. Bus: 71, 467.


  • Medieval (1066-1540)


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust