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Prior Park Buildings


This is a communal garden for a terrace built around 1825 to designs by John Pinch. The widened Mill Stream is bordered by a grassed area and mature trees and enclosed with wrought iron railings.

Location, Area, Boundaries, Landform and Setting

The area is bordered with wrought iron railings with a gate on the south-west side. Mill Stream flows south-north through this site, and the grassed area to the north-east of this is planted with mature standards. The site is overlooked by Prior Park Buildings (also known as Combe Down Terrace). These are Grade II listed buildings, which are intact and well-maintained.

The garden area has been maintained by Bath City Council since 1970, and is in a tidy condition.

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Prior Park Buildings was designed by John Pinch and built around 1825 for 'lower middle class residents' (see references, 1982). An engraving by J. Holloway (of around 1845) shows that the area was then laid out as a communal garden, enclosed by plain wrought iron railings on both sides of the path. The southern portion may have been slightly altered since then. Planting at that time included a willow and a tree of heaven. Shrubs are shown immediately in front of the houses.

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  • Conservation Area

  • Reference: Bath


  • Terrace (featured building)
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:
  • Railings
  • Description: Wrought iron railings, presumably the same ones as were shown in an engraving of 1845.
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:
  • Stream
  • Description: The Mill Stream is impounded in the site to create a wider watercourse. It is this unusual feature which contributes most to the particular interest this site has.
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  • Mary Stacey

  • Avon Gardens Trust