Oakwood Hall 6345

Stockport, Greater Manchester, England, Greater Manchester

Brief Description

Oakwood Hall had a hall with grounds adjoining extensive woodland overlooking the River Goyt. Peak Forest Canal lies to the north of the site, with woods to the west. The entrance from the Didsbury Road, via the entrance lodge, lies to the east of the site. There was a long carriage drive, wooded on either side, dividing the park into two separate areas. The house was surrounded by formal Italian gardens. It was sold by the owners in the late-19th-century and then used for various purposes including a remand home. The site survives in part. The hall has been partially demolished but is still in use as a private residence.


The house was built between 1844 and 1845.

  • House (featured building)
  • Description: The house, which is in Tudor-Gothic style, was built between 1844 and 1845. It was designed by Edward Walters of Manchester for Ormerod Heyworth, owner of the Oakwood cotton mill not far from the site.
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  • Canal
  • Description: Peak Forest Canal lies to the north of the site.


  • Victorian (1837-1901)



  • Cheshire Gardens Trust

  • Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit