Oakeley House (also known as Lydham Manor)6401

Bishop's Castle, England, Shropshire

Brief Description

South of Oakeley House there was a shrubbery and moderately sized park.


Oakeley House, the seat of the Oakeley family, was rebuilt in the late 19th century. A park and grounds were developed at that time. In 1903 Oakeley had been renamed Lydham Manor, but it is named Oakeley House on modern O.S. maps.

Detailed Description

Oakeley House featured a park and gardens in the late 19th century. South of the house lay a shrubbery, and a moderate park

lay to the south and east. The park was crossed by a drive from the Lower Lodge. The massive entrance

gates here were noted in 1891, as were Oakeley's pollard oaks of 'giant girth,'

its spruce, cedars, beeches, and rhododendrons. There were also extensive kitchen gardens

with choice fruit trees, and a considerable number of greenhouses and vineries.

  • Shrubbery
  • Description: A shrubbery lay to the south of the house.
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  • Drive
  • Description: The park was crossed by a drive leading to a lodge.
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  • Hunting Lodge
  • Description: Lower Lodge (in fact the only lodge in the grounds), lay in the park at the end of the drive.
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Civil Parish

  • Bishop's Castle