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Millers Pond (also known as Spring Park Estate)7937

Brief Description

This site has an ornamental pond in a small park.


The lake seen today was the largest of three ponds on the Spring Park Estate and is named after the Miller family, the last owners of Spring Park Farm. Sale particulars of Addington Park in 1802 state that the lessee of this farm was responsible for maintaining heads of water from springs and preserving the banks of two ponds, so it may once have provided water power to a mill. Millers Pond and its immediate environment was purchased by Croydon Council in 1934 for public open space. The two smaller ponds remained in private ownership as part of the grounds of Spring Park House, which was sold in 1957 and later demolished and the site built over.

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Opening is unrestricted.
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Opening is unrestricted.


Rail: West Wickham then walk/bus. Bus: 119, 194, 198, 356, 494


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust