Little Durnford Manor 7059

Salisbury, England

Brief Description

The house is approached from the south-east by a drive, which is screened from the landscape park by a belt of trees. To the north of the house the walled garden (of around half a hectare) has been divided into a series of 'rooms', each with a different type of planting. It is generally in cottage garden or informal style. Other features include a lake, lawn, swimming pool and the riverbank of the Avon. The parkland has some fine old trees, especially cedars, and much 20th-century planting. There are occasional open days under the National Gardens Scheme.


The re-modelling of the manor house took place around 1720-40. This was accompanied by the laying out of a formal vista, flanked by rectangular pools, across to the far bank of the Avon. Later, there was an informal landscape and a lake. Since 1966, the Countess of Chichester has developed the walled garden area.


The site slopes to the west.


  • Cottage Garden
  • Manor House (featured building)
  • Description: The house has a late-17th-century core, which was re-modelled around 1720-1740. The house is built of local flint and stone on a river terrace.
  • Latest Date:
  • Planting
  • Description: Herb garden.
  • Planting
  • Description: Rock garden (alpine).
  • Specimen Tree
  • Description: Cedars of Lebanon.
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:
  • Potager
  • Description: Vegetable garden.
  • Planting
  • Description: Woodland garden.
  • Garden Wall
  • Description: The walled garden is mainly planted in informal style.
  • Drive
  • Description: A new drive has been built to the south of the house.
  • Courtyard
  • Description: The courtyard is to the east of the house.
  • Greenhouse
  • Description: Modern greenhouse.
  • Ornamental Bridge
  • Description: The bridge spans the River Avon.
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:
  • Sculpture
  • Description: The grounds are used to display 20th-century sculpture.
  • Vase
  • Description: Limestone fluted vase with sphinxes on the lid.
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:
  • River
  • Description: River Avon.
  • Water Feature
  • Description: Swimming pool.
Herbaceous Border, Knot Garden, Lawn, Mixed Border, Orchard, Topiary, Orangery, Summerhouse, Steps, Sundial, Dam, Ditch, Fishpond, Fountain, Lake

Civil Parish

  • Durnford



  • Wiltshire Gardens Trust

  • Gareth Slater


  • Sandy Haynes