Lasborough Park 6214

Tetbury, England, Gloucestershire, Cotswold

Brief Description

The site comprises Lasborough Farm (the original medieval Manor), the late 18th-century Lasborough House and associated parkland and gardens. The parkland dates back to the late 18th century and overlies a previous deer park. There are terraced gardens at Lasborough Farm.


The manor of Lasborough is recorded in the 11th century and the manor house itself from the 14th. Deer park and woodland was laid out around this house, which is now a farm. Further planting was carried out in the parkland during the late 18th century when a new house, Lasborough House or Lasborough Park, was built at a different location. Pleasure grounds were also laid out at this time. Some deforestation was carried out in the mid-20th century.

  • Garden Terrace
  • Description: Terraces and steps in a formal walled garden at Lasborough Farm.

Civil Parish

  • Westonbirt with Lasborough

Detailed History

The manor of Lasborough has been in existence since at least the 11th century, with the manor house recorded from 1319. The manor house is now known as Lasborough Farm, and is situated at the north end of the land holding. The deer park and surrounding woodlands were originally laid out for this house, which was made into a farm during the 17th century. The manor was bought by Thomas Estcourt in 1598 and stayed in the family until sold in 1826.

The current building known as Lasborough House (or Lasborough Park) was built for Edmund Estcourt by James Wyatt in about 1794 and is situated centrally within the park on the opposite side of the valley. The parkland was developed with further planting to the tree belts and the planting of the parkland trees in the 18th-century English Landscape style at the time of the building of the house. At this time the pleasure grounds to the south-west of the house were also laid out. The Holford family lived at Lasborough during the building of Westonbirt House, and it remained in their ownership from 1844 to 1927. It is likely that further replanting was undertaken at this period. Some deforestation was carried out during 1950s when the site was in the ownership of a timber company.


  • 18th Century
  • Late 18th Century
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  • Gloucestershire Gardens & Landscape Trust