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John Leigh Park (also known as Oldfield Park)6464

Brief Description

Oldfield Park had a house with grounds and a small park to the south of Oldfield Road. The park was to the south of the house, with a shelter belt containing forest trees. There was a formal entrance to the house flanked by trees, giving way to informal shelter planting close to the house. The ground sloped upwards on either side of the house rising to an ornamental summer house called the 'The Temple'. The estate was purchased and presented to the Council as a public park in 1917 by Sir John Leigh. The grounds were laid out by T.M. Jones, the Parks' Superintendent. The site remains extant, though the house has been demolished.


By the late-19th-century, the estate was tenanted by Mr James Grimble Groves, MP for one of the Salford Divisions and Mayor of Altrincham in 1897 and 1898. During this period much of the estate was sold off for development, both for houses and industrial use.

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This is a municipal site for general public use. Please see:


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)



  • Cheshire Gardens Trust

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