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Heath House, Tean


The house was built for John Burton Phillips in 1836. It is sited south of the old house, which was built by Thomas Johnson in Tudor style.

There is a Classical orangery by Trubshaw dated to 1831. He also laid out a formal flower garden. The three lodges also pre-date the present house. There is a temple incorporating some Ionic columns of the former house in the parkland to the north-east.

There are Victorian formal terraces to the south of house, as well as perimeter shrubberies and mixed planting. The parkland is good, with scattered tree cover and a few groves. The park is open to the south and west, with shelter belts to north and east.

An area of parkland adjacent to the west side of the terrace was made into a lawned area and tennis court in the early 20th century. A brick loggia was constructed on the east side of the lawn. This is extant, although the tennis court is overgrown. To the east of the loggia, an area of shrubs has largely overgrown a substantial rock garden with narrow stone paths and a pool.

There is a formal flower garden, which is entered by elaborate iron gates, set in a low wall. The flower garden consists of flower beds edged with box, with a central footpath leading to a short lawn with steps up to Trubshaw's orangery. The whole is surrounded by a raised balustrade on the west and east sides. The stone kerbs to the quatrefoil flower beds are visible but incorporated into the lawns. Beyond the orangery the walled garden is now in use as a pony paddock.



Victorian (1837-1901)

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Features & Designations


  • Orangery
  • Description: Classical orangery.
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:
  • Gate Lodge
  • Description: There are three lodges which pre-date the house.
  • Temple
  • Column
  • Description: There are Ionic columns in the temple which were re-used from the previous house.
  • Garden Terrace
  • Description: Victorian terraces.
  • Loggia
  • Description: Brick loggia.
  • Pool
  • Wall
  • Description: Walled garden, now in use as a paddock.
  • House (featured building)
  • Description: The house was built for John Burton Phillips in 1836.
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:
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Landscape Park



Principal Building



Victorian (1837-1901)


Part: standing remains

Civil Parish