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Hardwick Park, Bury St. Edmunds (also known as Hardwick Heath)7100

Brief Description

The park features open park land with a variety of trees of all ages. Other facilities include sport pitches, Scout facilities and a pond with fishing platforms. The remnants of the old house remain, but it was mostly demolished in the 1920s.


The estate was formally in the possession of the Monastery of St Edmunds was granted to the Cellarer of the Abbey in 945 by the King. It continued in the possession of the Abbey until 1539. At the Dissolution Hardwick was granted to Sir Thomas Darcy. Eventually it was sold to Sir Thomas Cullum in 1656 and was held by eight generations until 1921. The House was rebuilt in 1681, alterations were made in 1839. It was sold in 1924, when it was broken up. The Council purchased in the region of 60 hectares. More was added to the Park in the 1970s.

Visitor Facilities

The park is open from 8.30am - dusk during the week and 9am - dusk at weekends.

Plant Environment

  • Plant Type
  • Arboretum


  • Informal
Access & Directions

Access Contact Details

The park is open from 8.30am - dusk during the week and 9am - dusk at weekends.


Leave the A14 at the East junction, follow the signs for the West Suffolk Hospital into Hardwick Lane, The car park entrance is on the left, a small lane before the hospital.


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