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Lucy Redman Garden


The garden is divided into compartments each with a different theme, ie Asian Border, unusual bulb and rhizome garden, woodland garden. Children love exploring these different areas, but it is also used as a teaching resource for students to see good design and plant combinations. Lucy is a maximalist gardener, with a passion for plants and a love of sculptures and crafts. She believes gardens should be fun, relaxing, quirky and original spaces. She is keen on reclaimed elements and tries to use craftsmen to create original features rather than buying mass produced products.

Asian border-

Koelreuteria paniculata "Fastigiata", Lindera obtusiloba, Disperopsis perneyi.

Long border (2001):purple, lime green, red & white plants

Heucheras, day lillies, Hydrangea quercifolia Snow Queen, Miscanthus fountains

Trifolium ochroleucum (Yellow clover), Ribes speciosum, Berberis "Georgei"

Woodland garden:

based around 3 multi stemmed Betula utilis jacquemnontii, Hellebores, Daphne bhhloua "Jacqueline Postill, Erithronium & Chiastophyllum ground cover, dogwoods Phlomis tuberosis

Beech hedge cloister

Trampoline beds (March 2007): collection of grasses, Miscanthus Cosmopolitan,Calamogrostis Overdam, Stipa tenuissima

Allium sphaerocephalon, Polygonium scoparium, Jasmin mesneyi, Libertia caerulescens.

Stone Parterre (2003): Snakee head Fritillaries

Willow igloo and tunnel

Purple hazel meadow (2002)

Wild flower meadow

Copper beech spiral (November 2005) underplanted with snowdrops, snowflakes, purple & white alliums

Wildlife pond

Butterfly walk, various Buddleias

Faulkland Islands Beds (2007) plants being sourced originating from the islands

Scented corridor, Vibernums, Choisya & Ptelea trifoliata ( Hop tree)

Sculptures by Maryanne Niolls & Carrie Norman

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01284 386250

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Every Friday (from beginning of April to end of September) 10am - 5pm and also for the National Garden Scheme in conjunction with Home Farm, Rushbrooke. Admission £2.50 (children free). Garden clubs, WI groups, U3A and other groups welcome, call 01284 386250 to arrange. The cost for groups is £6 per person which includes a guided tour of the garden and a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cake.


Turn right after Rushbrooke Farm sign.


Lucy and Dominic Redman


The 1930s thatched cottage is surrounded by a garden of 0.3 hectares. The garden consisted of a row of poplars, a beech hedge, some climbing roses, an old apple tree and a walnut.

Work on creating the garden started in March 1999 by removing some of the poplars and transplanting part of the beech hedge which now forms the Cloister. This opened up the view of the paddock. The pond was dug out in April 1999 and the rear garden borders were planted. Front garden Long Borders were planted in early 2001. The purple hazels and the Stone Parterre, the design of which was taken from a gate in the garden, were added in October 2002. The Pavilion was completed in November 2003 and that winter the curvaceous grass borders opposite and the willow tunnel were put in. The Copper Beech Spiral was mainly planted in November 2005. In March 2007 the trampoline beds were added. In 2009 the last 5 poplars to the left of the Pavilion were removed and the 20m Celtic Racetrack as well as the metal tree seat were created in spring 2010.


  • 20th Century (1901 to 1932)
  • Early 20th Century (1901 to 1932)
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Cottage Garden


  • Parterre
  • Description: The Stone Parterre, the design of which was taken from a gate in the garden, was added in October 2002 and the 20m Celtic Racetrack as well as the metal tree seat were created in spring 2010.
  • Cottage (featured building)
  • Description: 1930s thatched cottage
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20th Century (1901 to 1932)





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