Hamsell Manor 5533

East Sussex, England, East Sussex, Wealden

Brief Description

The principal building on this site is the Dower House of the Eridge Estate. Garden features include three lakes and a terrace.

Detailed Description

The 1st edition Ordnance Survey map shows several ranges of buildings around three courtyards. There is an irregular terrace on the south-east, which drops down to two irregularly-shaped lakes. There is a third lake on a higher level to the east of the buildings. The land is cleared around the buildings, but there is no evidence of garden features. There are two greenhouses in the north-east courtyard.

The modern Ordnance Survey map shows a reduced number of buildings, the three lakes and terrace, but no extra garden features.

  • Lake
  • Description: There are three lakes.
Dower House, Garden Terrace

Civil Parish

  • Rotherfield