Halliwell Lodge 6075

Bolton, Greater Manchester, England, Greater Manchester

Brief Description

Halliwell has a lodge and cottage in a park to the north of Chorley New Road, Gilnow Gardens to the south (see separate entry) and open fields on other boundaries. There is a gatehouse on Chorley New Road. Features include two lakes in the park to the south and west of the house. The lake to the west was circular in 1848 but changed to amoeboid shape by 1894. Changes in the appearance of the water coincide with the extension of tree planting around the lodge, linking it to the lakes and extending to the site of the cottage. The cottage was removed by 1894. By this date, the boundary belt was thickened along the northern edge of the park, incorporating earlier clumps of trees.


The house was owned by James Ormrod (around 1889), owner of the Ormrod and Hardcastle factories and associated with Hardcastle and Cross's Bank, later the Manchester and Salford Bank. In 1899 the lodge was taken over as a hotel. The fernery, conservatory and private chapel, used as a billiard room, survived until the late-1930s. By the end of the 19th century, the whole of the area had been built up to provide housing for the workers in the mills and factories.




  • Lancashire Gardens Trust

  • Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit