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Clough Hall Park 7008

Brief Description

This site was once intended to be a pleasure centre, but the attraction closed in 1906 and was largely built over by 1946. Some boundary tree planting remains extant, along with recreation grounds to the north-west. The lodge also remains.


Since 1440 there have been at least three substantial buildings at or near the Clough Hall site. In 1888 Robert Heath, owner of the Biddulph Valley Ironworks, bought the estate for a reported £11,000 and sold it the following year to a consortium of Manchester businessmen, also headed by a Mr Heath. Their aim was to turn the park and gardens into a pleasure centre (Clough Hall Park and Gardens) to attract people from large areas of north-west England. It was to be `The Paradise of the Potteries' with pleasure boats, a dancing platform, sports facilities, a fairground near to the lake, aviaries and a monkey house. It closed in 1906.

  • Tree Feature
  • Description: Some boundary tree planting is still extant.
Gate Lodge

Civil Parish

  • Kidsgrove


  • Staffordshire Gardens and Parks Trust