Chettle House 3868

Blandford Forum, England, Dorset, North Dorset

Brief Description

The house was built by Thomas Archer in 1710. Some of the earthworks around the original entrance (at the east) remain.

Visitor Facilities

This garden is NOT open to the public.

Detailed Description

According to Mowl (2003), Chettle retains the keyhole-shaped terraced earthworks of its original Baroque east entrance front. The entrance is now at the west, facing into what was originally the garden.

This western side now faces uphill to the wreck of an avenue. This once cut through the parkland to a cresting line of woods which was the focus of its vistas. On the other side of the same hill, the same line of beeches serves to focus the views of Eastbury. Pevsner refers to 'a grotto dug into Cheddle Long Barrow'.

  • Manor House (featured building)
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Herbaceous Border, Lawn, Tree Avenue
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This garden is NOT open to the public.


Civil Parish

  • Chettle

Detailed History

The site has a Queen Anne manor house, commissioned from Thomas Archer in 1710.

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