Brigstock Great Park (also known as King's Park)6623

Kettering, England, Northamptonshire, East Northamptonshire

Brief Description

This is currently an agricultural landscape, but was formerly a medieval deer park. Some sections of the bank and ditch earthworks associated with the original park pale survive. The current layout of small fields is a rare survival of the basic structure of the layout of the first enclosures, although much subdivided.


This site was part of a large royal hunting forest of Rockingham after the Norman invasion. It covered about 580 hectares. The first mention of it as a deer park dates back to 1228. It was disparked in about 1610, precipitating enclosure riots. Much of the forest was then cleared and the land used as pasture. It is now an agricultural landscape of small fields.

Detailed Description

Brigstock Great Park has 15 Iron Age sites, 23 Roman sites, 14 Saxon sites and 8 medieval sites which are mostly park keepers' lodges. There is also evidence of iron-smelting. Slag samples are present in many fields as well as hundreds of black patches, about 10-12 metres across, that are probably the remains of charcoal burning clamps.
  • Building
  • Description: The Old Lodge, formerly a medieval hunting lodge.

Civil Parish

  • Brigstock


  • Medieval (1066-1540)