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Abbey Meadows


The gardens are designated as a Scheduled Ancient Monument as Abingdon Abbey, which dates back to the seventh century, once stood on the site.

The gardens have many ornamental flower displays and within these displays there is a statue of Queen Victoria and some deceptive ‘ruins’ which have fooled many a visitor into thinking they have seen the remains of Abingdon Abbey. The stones are probably ancient in their own right and are thought to have come from St Helen’s Church, whose spire overlooks over the town and river.

The gardens have an open air swimming pool which has been in existence since the 1880s. The first was a simple bathing place on the island between the weirs, and records show that the head bathing attendant was paid 19/6d per week – plus 5% commission on the sale of tickets ‑ per week.

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Abbey Gardens are near Abingdon town centre at the end of Abbey Close. The park’s postcode is OX14 3JE.

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