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Mr Peter Scheemakers

Peter Scheemakers was an influential sculptor born in 1691 in Antwerp, Belgium. He gained prominence for his remarkable contributions to the art world during the 18th century. Scheemakers embarked on his artistic journey under the tutelage of his father, who was also a sculptor. He received formal training at the Antwerp Academy, honing his skills in classical and Baroque sculpting techniques.

His career flourished when he moved to England in the early 18th century, where he found a receptive audience for his work. Scheemakers quickly gained recognition for his exceptional talent in creating sculptures that beautifully blended classical forms with the emerging Rococo style. His sculptures were noted for their intricate details, emotive expressions, and dynamic compositions.

One of Scheemakers' most notable achievements was his involvement in the decoration of St. Paul's Cathedral in London. He contributed several sculptures to adorn the interior, showcasing his mastery in capturing both the grandeur and spiritual essence of the space.

Among his famous works is the memorial to Sir Isaac Newton at Westminster Abbey. This monument is celebrated for its representation of Newton contemplating the mysteries of the universe while seated among symbolic figures representing astronomy, mathematics, and geometry. Scheemakers' ability to infuse his sculptures with intellectual depth and emotional resonance cemented his reputation as a leading sculptor of his time.

His legacy extended beyond England, with his works displayed in various prominent locations across Europe. Scheemakers' impact on the art world persisted long after his passing in 1781, with his sculptures continuing to be revered for their artistry and historical significance.


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These sources provide insights into Scheemakers' life, his artistic style, and his significant contributions to the world of sculpture during the 18th century.

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