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James Pulham (2)

Who was James Pulham?

James Pulham was son of James Pulham senior, who founded what became one of the most successful firms of landscape gardeners in the late-19th and early-20th centuries.

There were four generations of Pulhams, each called James.

The second James Pulham took over the London-based business from his father, who died suddenly in 1838. He moved to Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire in 1842, and then to Broxbourne, where he established a 'manufactory' for garden ornaments using the firm's own brand of artificial stone and terracotta, called 'Pulhamite'.

It was the second James who developed the firm's work in landscape gardening, creating landscapes renowned for their natural-looking artificial rockwork, also known as 'Pulhamite'.

The firm only became known as Pulham and Son until 1865, when the third James joined the firm.


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