Potterspury Park (also known as Perry Park, Pury Park)6671

Towcester, England, Northamptonshire, South Northamptonshire

Brief Description

Potterspury Park was a medieval deer park that went out of use during the 17th century. Its northern boundary was contiguous with Grafton Park. A few sections of boundary bank survive.


The deer park dates back to at least 1230 when Henry III granted William de Ferrers a licence to impark. In 1537 the size of the park was increased by 150 acres (about 61 hectares). By the mid-17th century deer numbers had decreased significantly from the late 16th century total of 500. In 1660 all the trees in Pury Park, as it was then known, were felled. The park went out of use during the 17th century.

  • Earthwork
  • Description: Traces of two banks, about 1 to 1.5 metres high, and 5 to 6 metres wide. One runs along the south-eastern boundary of the park, and the other is on the eastern boundary and has a hedge growing in places on it with a few decaying oak trees.

Civil Parish

  • Yardley Gobion


  • Medieval (1066-1540)