Park House, Thornbury 2568

South Gloucestershire, England

Brief Description

Park House is an early-19th-century garden. This record was checked with South Gloucestershire Historic Monument Records Officer - June 2010.

Detailed Description

Park House is an early-19th century house and garden enclosed by a battlemented wall with corner turrets. A garden building is in the form of a chapel and there is also a stone figure of Time. A rockwork tunnel has been demolished.
  • Boundary Wall
  • Description: The enclosing wall is crenelated with corner turrets.
  • Chapel
  • Description: There is a chapel in the garden.
  • Statue
  • Description: Stone figure of Time.
  • House (featured building)
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:

Civil Parish

  • Thornbury


  • Avon Gardens Trust