The New Town Gardens, Queen Street Gardens 3871

Edinburgh, Scotland

Brief Description

Queen Street Gardens comprise three gardens running along the north of Queen Street. They were designed as communal pleasure grounds in the early-19th century. The central garden contains a pond reconstructed from a farmer's cattle pond and a Doric pavilion that served as a tollhouse. Most of the original path layout and terraces survive and the gardens are surrounded by thick shrubberies.


James Craig's plan for the New Town included a band of formal parkland to the north of Queen Street. Bought from private owners by the Heriot Trust from 1809, it was transformed into three communal gardens. One of the gardens was formed out of a farm steading. The central and west gardens were designed by the artist, Andrew Wilson.

  • Pavilion
  • Description: A Doric pavilion that served as a tollhouse.
Pond, Terrace, Shrubbery