New Earswick 2403

New Earswick, York, North Yorkshire, England

Brief Description

New Earswick is a garden village. It was originally created to provide better housing for families on low incomes. The houses were designed with gardens which were large enough to grow vegetables and fruit trees. There were also generous green open spaces throughout the village.


New Earswick was built in 1904.


Civil Parish

  • New Earswick

Detailed History

In 1901, the son of Joseph Rowntree, Seabohm Rowntree published an article on the poor living conditions of the working classes in York. Joseph Rowntree was inspired to create a better environment for these families so aquired 60 hectares (150 acres) of land north of the city of York.

Raymond Unwin and Richard Barry Parker were commisioned to provide the overall plan for the new village of New Earswick. The village was open to all low income families, not just Rowntree employees and was completed in 1904.


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)
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