Moorfield Gardens 6474

Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, Greater Manchester

Brief Description

Moorfield Gardens was a public pleasure grounds to the rear of Moorfield Cottages. The Sale Hotel was a later addition to the site. The gardens were not popular with the local residents and were closed at the turn of the century after the refusal to renew the liquor licence. The site is now lost, and the area has been built over.


The gardens were established by Jacob Bradford probably around 1866. By 1877 the gardens were in the ownership of Marmaduke Witty, a cotton merchant. The hotel was added in 1879 and the whole site provided lawn tennis, croquet grounds, orchards and gardens, greenhouses and a men's and women's open air gymnasium. There was also a rustic castle, fernery, tea room and cycle track, as well as a stable and a lake on the site.



  • Victorian (1837-1901)



  • Cheshire Gardens Trust

  • Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit