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Lymm Hall, Flower Garden


Lymm Hall, Flower Garden was created by Edward Kemp in 1849. It was made up of flowers beds dedicated to a mixture of flowers. These were broken up by gravel paths lined with box hedges. Other features included a summerhouse and two seats. The current condition of the garden is unknown.

Lymm Hall, Flower Garden was created by Edward Kemp in 1849. It was laid out just east of the south front of the hall and was hidden from view by a belt of hollies and evergreens. It was also attached to the kitchen garden.

The current condition of the garden in unknown. However, Kemp provides a detailed description of the original design in his book How to lay out a Garden published in 1860. In the original design the entrance was via a path which passed through the evergreen belt. The path continued up the middle of the flower garden and terminated at a summerhouse at the far end. The summerhouse was covered in climbing roses. The rest of the paths were of gravel and lined with box hedges. Two further seats were provided on the east and west sides of the garden and these were canopied and enclosed by ivy grown on wooden trellis. The flower beds were dedicated to a mixture of flowers planted in blocks, one sort in each bed. One of the borders formed a small rock garden and was scattered with rocks and alpine plants. The garden was enclosed by yew hedges, about five feet high, to the east and west, and to the south by a Sweet briar hedge.



Victorian (1837-1901)

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Victorian (1837-1901)



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