Lygrove House, 17th century formal gardens 3693

Sodbury, England

Brief Description

The 17th- and 18th-century formal terraced gardens at Lygrove House are now covered by grass and woodland.

Detailed Description

The site is now entered by a court enclosed by the house, stables and garden wall. The entrance gates to the gardens lead off this court. The enclosed 20th century gardens lie to the south of this courtyard and were the original kitchen gardens. Another smaller gateway leads around the original south façade of the house and to terraced gardens. These are presumed to be the original 17th to 19th century formal and ornamental gardens which are now grass terraces and woodland.


Civil Parish

  • Sodbury

Detailed History

It is presumed that in the 17th and 18th centuries the house had formal gardens to the south and west, remnants of which survive as the avenue and grass terraces around the house. The ‘battlements' and the raised walks are probably mid-19th century, contemporary with the lodge and the woodland ‘wilderness'.



  • Avon Gardens Trust