The Korean War Memorial Garden 9496

Torphichen, Scotland

Brief Description

The memorial comprises an arboretum of Korean trees and native Scottish trees; a shrine surrounded by two mounds in the shape of the Ying and Yang on the Korean flag; and memorial gates.The memorial was opened in 2000, with trees and Korean pagoda. In 2013 it was re-dedicated with a newly-built, sturdier, Korean pagoda. There are seats and a picnic area, and woodland walks.


The site is adjacent to West Lothian Council’s Beecraigs Country Park and the land might originally have been part of this.The memorial and garden were opened on 27th June 2000, marking the 50th anniversary of the start of the Korean war (1950-1953). British forces served as part of a United Nations coalition, after Communist North Korea invaded the South in June 1950. Nearly 1,100 British service personnel died in the conflict.The memorial was designed by West Lothian Council’s architect Raphael Dunbar, in consultation with the (now defunct) Lothians and West of Scotland branch of the British Korean Veterans' Association Memorial Trust. The site has been managed by West Lothian Council since 2006.


Hillside with extensive views.
  • Pagoda
  • Description: Korean pagoda.
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  • Dr. Patricia Andrew