Highsett 4061

Cambridge, England, Cambridgeshire, Cambridge

Brief Description

An urban development constructed in the 1950s and 1960s on the site of a Victorian Dell garden. Much of the garden survives and was incorporated into the new development.

Detailed Description

To the rear of the Villa the garden opens out onto a large lawn, a pool and island with grottoes.

These are set amongst mature trees enclosed by a grassy bank, with a walk at high level with bridges crossing paths beneath. The garden continued with shady walks through tree lined paths separating large lawns, which stretched almost to Tenison Avenue.

In 1958, Stage 1 comprised a three-storey courtyard with a simple lawn and raised pond. Stages 2 and 3 were completed by 1964 and provided terraced housing arranged around two sides of the exotic garden which had been saved by the 1st Stage.

Everywhere there is interesting planting of shrubs, trees and wall climbers surrounding small lawns between the terraces. The car parking is divided by beech hedges and privacy to terraces is achieved with low hedges suggesting rear gardens.

The landscape planting was designed by Ivor Cunningham. The central exotic 'Dell' garden has ivy covered banks under the shade of mature beeches, limes and acacias.

Pool, Grotto, Walk, Tree Avenue, Hedge, Courtyard

Detailed History

In 1957 Eric Lyons proposed a 15-storey block of bachelor flats along Hills Road which was accepted by the local planning authority but was not erected, hence the 'Highsett'. The site chosen was that of Eastbourn Villa in a Victorian 'Dell' garden.


  • Victorian (1837-1901)
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