Hare Hill Park 4410

Rochdale, England, Greater Manchester

Brief Description

Originally the grounds of a private house, Hare Hill Park is a small park (about 4 hectares) with a woollen mill, water wheel and tenter ground. The north-west boundary is planted with trees.


The mill buildings and tenter ground were set up by end of 19th century. Hare Hill House and its grounds were bought by Littleborough Urban District Council from the Newall family in 1901, for use as a public park.

Visitor Facilities

http://www.friendsofharehillpark.co.uk Public park

Detailed Description

Small park with woollen mills adjacent to the western corner with the tenters in the open ground to the east. A waterwheel survives as a decorative feature. The north western boundary is planted with trees surrounding a building (new in 1994), possibly a dwelling, on the site.

Building, Bandstand, Water Wheel, Drinking Fountain
Access & Directions

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http://www.friendsofharehillpark.co.uk Public park


Immediately north of Littleborough town centre

Detailed History

By the end of the 19th century the woollen mill buildings and tenter ground had begun to develop. Hare Hill House and its grounds, which are now the park, were sold by the Newall family to Littleborough Urban District Council in 1901, for the annual payment of £323.19s.8d (information from the Friends' website).


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)