Glen Helen 1451

German, Isle of Man

Brief Description

Glen Helen has a Swiss cottage and glen gardens developed from the 1860s. The site was developed as a public resort with rustic bridges giving views of waterfalls amongst mixed planting.


The origin of the site is uncertain. L.S. Garrad states that it was developed by John A. Marsden, brush manufacturer, whilst the Isle of Man government website states that this gentleman was deceased at the time, and the site was created by a group of Manx businessmen.

Visitor Facilities

The glen is open for public use. More information

Plant Environment

  • Environment
  • Woodland Garden
  • Water Feature
  • Description: Stepping stones
River, Ornamental Bridge, Waterfall, Fountain, Swiss Cottage
Access & Directions

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The glen is open for public use.


  • Victorian (1837-1901)