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Alexandra Park, Belfast


Features of the park include a lake, a formal area with avenues and a landscaped glen. There is also a lodge.

The lodge is a small two-storey rubble-stone building with steeply pitched roofs and tall stone chimneys, and the windows are plain sashes with an unusual shouldered design.

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The park is open daily from 7.30am. Closing times vary seasonally.


One mile north-west of central Belfast off the A6.


Belfast City Council

Belfast City Hall, Belfast, BT1 5GS

19th Century

Alexandra Park is a Victorian park situated in north Belfast. It is named after Princess Alexandra of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and was opened in 1887. The park was laid out over ten acres and opened to the public in 1887. The land originally belonged to Sir John Preston, the York Street Flax Spinning Company and the Jennymount Flax Spinning Company, and the companies retained water rights as the ornamental lake in the park supplied water to the mills.

20th Century

Alexandra Park is believed to be the only park in western Europe to be divided by a three-metre (10') wall. The wall was erected in 1994 and is one of a number of "peace walls" built across the city in attempt to prevent violence between Nationalist/Republican and Unionist/Loyalist communities.

21st Century

In September 2011 a gate linking the two communities was installed in the wall.

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  • Environment and Heritage Service of Northern Ireland Heritage Gardens Inventory

  • Reference: An 179


  • Lake
  • Avenue
  • Gate Lodge
  • Description: Probably designed by J C Bretland.
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