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Woodfall Gardens (also known as Glasserton)3886


The late-18th-century walled garden, once associated with Glasserton House, is divided into three equal areas by internal walls. It still contains some original buildings and has been revitalised in the late-20th century into an ornamental garden, featuring mixed borders, a parterre, a productive potager and a woodland area.


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  • Walled Garden
Mixed Border, Parterre, Potager
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Woodfall Gardens are 2 miles south of Whithorn, by the junction of the A746 and A747.


Admiral the Honorable Keith Stewart laid out the designed landscape at Glasserton House, including the tripartite walled garden, in the late-18th century. The house was occupied by the army during World War 2, when the walled garden was still worked. The house was demolished in about 1948 and the walled garden and gardener's cottage sold on later in the 20th century. Since then the walled garden has been cleared and replanted and used partly as a commercial hedging nursery and partly as a private garden.


  • 18th Century
  • Late 18th Century