Witley Park 8731

Godalming, England, Surrey, Waverley

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Brief Description

The house is no longer standing, but the stables, lakes and parkland remain. A particular feature is the extant underwater billiards room, which is reached via a tunnel from the kitchen garden. The figure of Neptune which surmounts the billiards room can be seen on the lake.


Whitaker Wright bought the manor of Witley in 1890. He was a colourful character who made and lost his fortune more than once. He built a grand house and set about enthusiastically altering the landscape. In 1904, he was sentenced to 7 years' imprisonment for fraud and committed suicide before his sentence was imposed. The estate was divided, with some of the land being bought by locals and donated to the National Trust. The house and adjacent grounds were sold and kept in good order until the 1950s, at which time the house was stripped of its assets by a new owner and shortly afterwards was gutted by fire. Much of the associated landscape and buildings remain.

  • Building
  • Description: Underwater billiards room.
Kitchen Garden, Lake, Stable Block

Civil Parish

  • Witley