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Starbank Park

The boundaries of the original grounds were similar to those of the present-day Starbank Park.

Starbank House was built in 1815 and belonged originally to Alexander Goalen. Starbank House was originally the home of the park keeper. It became a museum in 1920 on the demise of Leith Town Council.

There is a star-shaped flower border on the bank and is thought to represent a ship’s compass. At the lower, north end of the park there are the remains of the Devlin Fountain which was erected in 1910 by Thomas Devlin, a Newhaven fish merchant of Irish Origins. Unfortunately the fountain was vandalised before being dismantled over 20 years ago.

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Starbank Park is a fabulous community park in north Edinburgh.

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    • House (featured building)
    • Description: Starbank House was built in 1815.
    • Fountain
    • Description: Devlin Fountain which was erected in 1910 by Thomas Devlin. Now dismantled.
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