Peel Hall 6248

Salford, Greater Manchester, England, Greater Manchester

Brief Description

Peel Hall was a hall with gardens and a park to the south of Hanging Bank (later Manchester Road West). There was a long approach drive through a wooded area to Feel Hall at the northern boundary of the park. The formal gardens lay to the south of the hall. The western side of the site was bounded by Swinehey Lane and incorporated a sandstone quarry. There was a large area of Peel Wood to the south of the park. Parts of the site remain, although the area of woodland has been built over and the hall has now become Peel Hall Hospital.


By the late-19th-century a lodge had been built at the access point of the drive and the wooded area along the drive had been thickened. The formal layout of the gardens may have been simplified and there was an extension of the wooded area to the western boundary, together with the planting of almost circular clumps in the park. Peel Wood had also changed its name to Madam's Wood and included Madam's Wood Cottage. There was also an icehouse to the north-west of the house.




  • Lancashire Gardens Trust

  • Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit