Drumgooland House (also known as )


Brief Description

Originally a pre-1830 garden with a later planting scheme of c1904. Mill pond (embanked) and mill race treated as an ornamental pond/lake with cascade. Retains original planting and boundary.


Cambisols, Gala group - Wacke, 129-134ft above sea level. Garden chiefly laid in lawn and plantation, sloping southwards towards mill pond, which is embanked.

Detailed Description

Pre-1830 garden with embanked mill pond and mill race, formed the garden to the house of the local mill owner. Pre-1830 house demolished and rebuilt in 1903-1904 to designs by W J Fennell, Architect. Garden planting was augmented around the same period. Originally had a kitchen garden to the south west of the site and large glasshouses to the south east, both now gone.


Soil Type


Underlying Geology

Gala Group - Wacke

  • Pond
  • Mill pond and mill race
  • Description: In existence by 1820s
  • Boundary Wall
  • Stone boundary wall
  • Description: Between garden and stable yard (originally part of walled garden boundary) c1832-1846
  • Domestic House
  • Small stone terrace of servants' cottages
  • Description: Slate roofs c 1832-1846 (ruins)
  • Gate
  • Entrance gates
  • Description: To front of house and garden c1904
  • Tomb
  • Replica of Celtic dolmen
  • Description: Constructed from 3 large stones. Date unknown but possibly c1904

Historical Use