The Cockpit 5160

Beckbury, England, Shropshire

Brief Description

The Cockpit is a small private garden on the top of a hill south of Beckbury Hall. It probably once had a temple or summerhouse.


The exact date of the Cockpit is unknown, but it is likely to date from the late 18th or early 19th century.

Detailed Description

On a hilltop above and south of Beckbury Hall there is a shallow circular amphitheatre of about 30 metres in diameter, surrounded by a tall holly hedge. In the centre of the amphitheatre there is a circular platform, which is approached from the south and north by semi-circular steps of well-dressed sandstone. Also within the enclosure is a small rock-cut cellar. Traces survive of wrought-iron trellis arches. It seems likely that the Cockpit represents a small private hilltop garden, at the centre of which stood a temple or summerhouse.

  • Hedge
  • Description: The private garden is surrounded by a tall holly hedge.
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  • Trellis
  • Description: There are some traces of a wrought iron trellis which once decorated the garden.
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  • 18th Century
  • Late 18th Century