Blackwell Grange Golf Club 9494

Darlington, England

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Elements of the early landscaping scheme still survive today. The avenue of trees which formed the approach remains and the property boundaries of Grangeside follow the course of the small tree lined stream which is still located along the northern boundary wall as a wet ditch. The fishpond with its stone edging still survives and many of the tree lined avenues were retained, but softened in the more fashionable naturalistic style in 1802. Today, the parkland continues to make a positive contribution to the character of the Blackwell area with a tree lined perimeter that gives the area a green and leafy feel. Despite the use of the site as a golf course, it is remarkable that so many features survive from before 1790 and from 1802.


In 1913, Wooler was still able to describe Blackwell Grange as a ‘well wooded park’ with ‘a fine old house with ivy covered walls’ (p245). However the 20th century started a series of encroachments on to the parkland, but all development slowed down during both wars. Blackwell Grange Golf Club was formed in 1931, but was located initially in the grounds of Blackwell Hall, not the Grange. The Grange was purchased by Darlington Corporation in the 1950s after the death of Sir Henry Spencer Moreton Havelock-Allan in 1954. The golf club was to extend to the Grange in 1971 and earthwork operations to form tees would add to the features in the landscape.

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The site is now a golf course and is open to members.
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The site is now a golf course and is open to members.




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