Belvoir Park 377

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Brief Description

Belvoir Park is an early-18th-century demesne in a commanding position above the River Lagan. Features include mature trees, forest planting and the remains of an arboretum from the 1840s. The ornamental gardens include round ponds and a stream from the 18th century. In addition there is an Anglo-Norman motte, an ice house and a graveyard. Much of the site is now a golf course and housing development.


The house was built 1740 in the demesne, and was demolished 1961. The demesne was developed with housing and forestry plantations.

  • River
  • Description: River Lagan
  • Tree Feature
  • Description: The remains of an arboretum from the 1840s.
  • Earliest Date:
  • Motte
  • Description: Anglo-Norman motte.
  • Religious, Ritual And Funerary Features
  • Description: Graveyard.
Icehouse, Pond, Stream
Access & Directions


Three miles south of Belfast city centre off the A55.