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Ralph Hancock (also known as Clarence Henry Ralph Hancock, Clarence Henry Ralph Hancock)

Ralph Hancock was born Clarence Henry Ralph Hancock in Cardiff on 2 July 1893.

He served in World War I, being promoted from Private to 2nd Lieutenant, but was wounded and invalided out. He married in 1917, and his son, Bramley Hancock, who later joined him in his business, was born the following year.

He designed a number of important gardens including the "Garden of Nations" and the Promenade on Fifth Avenue at the Rockefeller Centre, New York in 1935 , the roof garden at Derry and Toms in Kensington, London (now the Kensington Roof Garden) in 1938 and a roof garden at Windsor Castle. He also designed and built a sunken garden at Ferrining in Sussex for Edward Hulton, the newspapaer magnate.

He was a regular Gold Medal winner at Chelsea and exhibitor in the Ideal Home Exhibitions both before and after World War II.

Hancock died in London on 30 August 1950.

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