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Nicholas Dubois (also known as Captain Dubois, Captain Dubois)

Nicholas Dubois was a French-born architect active in England in the early-18th century.

Dubios began his career in the Netherlands. He worked as a military engineer in Marlborough's army in Flanders from 1709 until 1711. He retired from the latter on half pay.

Later turning his attention to architecture, Dubois based himself in London. There, from 1718 to 1719, he was partnered with the Italian architect, Alessandro Galilei.

By 1719 Dubois was a Master Mason in the Office of Works. He worked from 1717 to 1720 on a series of speculative building projects, including that on Lord Burlington's estate. He worked on several country houses thereafter, most notably Stanmer Park, Sussex, between 1722 and 1727.

Dubois died on 14 June 1735. He was survived by his wife Anna and their two sons Henry and Richard.


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