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Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott

Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott was a leading exponent of the Arts and Crafts style of domestic architecture. He was born in Kent on 23 October 1865 and trained as an architect from 1886 to 1889.

His first practice was in Douglas on the Isle of Man, from 1892 tol 1901. He then moved to Bedford, England where he continued in practice until 1911, when his house and office were destroyed by fire. From 1919, Baillie Scott lived in Edenbridge, Kent and had a practice in Holborn, London, Baillie Scott & Beresford, until 1939.

Baillie Scott specialised in the design of middle-class homes, and was probably the best-known British domestic architect in Europe before the First World War.

He published several articles in the progressive art magazine The Studio between 1895 and 1900. His book Houses and Gardens (1906) details his ideas on house design using the techniques and materials of English vernacular building. He also co-wrote Garden Suburbs, Town Planning and Modern Architecture (1910) with Raymond Unwin.

Baillie Scott died on 10 February 1945 and was buried at Edenbridge.

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