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John Wyck (also known as Jan Wijk, Jan Wijk)

Jan Wyck was a Dutch painter who was born in Harlem, Holland, in 1645. Although he was born and brought up in Holland, he made his name in England for painting various types scenes. These included specialist painting, horses in battle, hunting scenes, topographical as well as classical landscapes. Wyck is recognised as having introduced the Dutch equestrian portrait genre to England.

Wyck painted over 150 oil paintings. In his hunting pieces, the countryside was depicted as being fresh and green often showing his patrons with their horses and animals. He also painted topographic views such as Windsor Castle and the City of Leicester, as well as country house portraits including that of Sprotborough Hall, Yorkshire.

Wyck married three times before dying on the 26th October 1700 in Mortlake, Surrey.


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