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Bernard Gilpin Cooper

Bernard Gilpin Cooper was born in Preston, Cheshire. He went to Sedbergh Grammar School in Yorkshire in August 1827 and left in June 1832. From 1832 to 1842 he lived in Preston and Manchester and also spent a considerable part of his time abroad in Italy and Germany. In 1840 he, with the help of his eldest brother John Cooper of Penwortham, purchased about 200 acres of property and a house at Hazel Grove, near Stockport, Cheshire, for an estimated £10,000. It was then called "Poise" House, however the Cooper brothers altered it to "Wellington House". When the house and property were sold for £40,000 in 1875 it was re-named "Poise" House and remained as such until at least 1927. Bernard married Catherine Anwyl née Philips (1824 - 1900) in 1844, and then, or soon before dissolved partnership with his brother. All of their children (8) were born at Wellington House.

Contributor: Barnaby Miln, great-grandson of John Cooper (1855-1934), third son of Bernard Gilpin Cooper

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