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Agnes “Nancy” Dalrymple Tennant (also known as Nancy Tennant)

Who was Agnes “Nancy” Dalrymple Tennant?

Agnes "Nancy" was voluntary worker, born Broxbourne, Hertfordshire 27th May 1897. She died in Harlow, Essex on 13th March 2003.

Life and Work

Nancy Tennant played a prominent part in the life of Women's Institutes in the 1940s, and was active in the development of their musical life. She also helped to create two notable 20th-century gardens, in Essex and France.

During the 1930s, as Chairman of the International Committee of Women's Institutes, Tennant was involved in the initiative to extend the movement all over Europe, and travelled extensively.

In 1934 Nancy Tennant's life was transformed when she met the artist Humphrey Waterfield. Their relationship was described as a 'loving Platonic friendship. Waterfield was a passionate gardener, and Tennant gave up many of her own interests to help Waterfield create the garden at Hill Pasture in Essex, the garden at Le Clos du Peyronnet and his surviving garden at Menton.