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Humphrey Waterfield

Who was Humphrey Waterfield?

Derick Humphrey Waterfield was born in August 1908 at Hagley Hall, Rugeley, Staffordshire. Waterfield was a passionate gardener and painter who created Gardens at Hill Pasture, Essex and Le Clos du Payronnet, Menton.

Life and Work

He was born in 1908, and in 1918–1921, he attended Templegrove, a prep school. He then attended Eton (1922–1926) before reading History at Christchurch College, Oxford (1927– 1930), where he achieved a first class degree.

Whilst at Oxford, he decided to become an artist, and studied at Ruskin College with Albert Rutherston (1881–1953), before moving on to the Slade in the early 1930s.

In October 1936 he began work on the gardens at Hill Pasture and Ashgrove House in Broxted. The two sites were separated in 1993. His notable achievement at Grey's Court is the Cherry Garden around 1946-1947.

In 1933, Humphrey met Agnes “Nancy” Dalrymple Tennant (1897–2003). Agnes Dalyrmple Tennant, known as Nancy Tennant, was his lifelong companion, albeit the relationship was platonic and they never lived together.

Information contributed by Jean Cornell 24/11/2015

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