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The Whim 3491

Brief Description

The older woodland planting at The Whim gives a record of forestry development. There are remnants of mid-18th-century avenues running north and west from the house in an area once known as The Wilderness. There is a circular forecourt with flowerbeds around it and the structure of the late-18th-century walled garden can be made out. It contains the remains of three ornamental canals.


The designed landscape at The Whim was laid out in the 1730s by Lord Islay, later the 3rd Duke of Argyll. Alexander McGill and William Adam were consulted at this time about the garden layout. A new garden was designed in 1776 under the guidance of James Robertson, after the death of the 3rd Duke. The estate was broken up before World War 2. After a period as a hotel the property opened as nursing home in 1996.

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Dovecote, Icehouse
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